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„Be free, dream wild“ in the „New this week“ collection at Saatchi

Gerade entdecke ich, dass „Be free, dream wild“ in der „New this week“ Collection der Saatchi Galerie ist. Schaut mal:

I’m just discovering that „Be free, dream wild“ is in the „New this week“ collection of the Saatchi Gallery. Look:

Be free, dream wild in the New This Week Collection, Saatchi Gallery

Ich freue mich so. I am so happy.

Und natürlich sind längst wieder Leinwände unter meine Pinsel geraten. Hier ist ein winziger Blick in mein Studio für euch:

And, of course, canvasses have long since come under my brushes. Here is a little insight in my studio for you:

Inside the studio

Bald wieder mehr. Soon more.

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You’ve Been Featured in the ‚New This Week‘ Collection

Ach, wie schön: gestern Abend erhielt ich die Email von der Saatchi Galerie, dass eines meiner Bilder in ihrer Kollektion vorgestellt sei. Ich freue mich sehr.

Vielen Dank, Saatchi, vielen Dank Rebecca Wilson, der Chef Kuratorin der Galerie.

Oh, how nice: last night I received the email from the Saatchi Gallery that one of my pictures was presented in a collections. I am very pleased.

Thank you, Saatchi, thank you Rebecca Wilson, the gallery’s chief curator.

You’ve Been Featured in the ‚New This Week‘ Collection

Monty Preston <>

Gestern, 22:04Rebecca Wilson (

Hier das vorgestellte Werk: No. 106

Here the presented work: No. 106

Bild No. 106
Acrylic on canvas
Format: 158x 138 cm


Habt alle einen schönen Tag. Have a nice day everyone.

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No. 409/ Eruption in the New this week collection at Saatchi

Wie schön!

Gerade bekomme ich die Email Benachrichtigung, dass die liebe Rebecca Wilson, Chef Kuratorin von der SaatchiArt Gallery, unsere No. 409/Eruption in der *New this week* collection vorgestellt hat. Was für eine Ehre und Freude.

How nice!

Just now I get the e-mail notification that the dear Rebecca Wilson, chief curator of the SaatchiArt Gallery presented our No.409 / Eruption in the * New this week * collection. What an honor and joy. 🙂

 „Hello, Vera

On behalf of chief curator Rebecca Wilson and the Saatchi Art curation team, I’m very pleased to let you know that your work has been chosen to be featured in the New This Week 3-7-2016 Collection on Saatchi Art’s homepage. You can see the collection here:

Please do share it with your family and friends and any other contacts who you think might be interested. 

If you have any questions about our selling or shipping process, please contact our support team at

Thank you so much and thank you for your wonderful works on Saatchi Art. 

 all best,



 Rebecca Wilson

Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory, Saatchi Art „

No. 409/ Eruption Acrylic on canvas 90x 60 cm

No. 409/ Eruption
Acrylic on canvas
90x 60 cm

No. 409/ Eruption Acrylic on canvas 90x 60 cm

No. 409/ Eruption
Acrylic on canvas
90x 60 cm