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Free Your Soul

Mein erster Reblog….my first reblog…a beautiful poem from Brad.
Words dance with the colors in my painting…wonderful.
Wörter tanzen mit den Farben in meinem Bild…schön.

writing to freedom

Free Your Soul

Painting by Vera Komnig copyrighted image by Vera Komnig

body and mind despair

numb from routine affairs

break those shackles

slough off your hackles


come dance with me

with hearts set free

we’ll soar on dreams divine

where your soul meets mine

This week’s poem had two inspirations: the poem ‚Open My Soul‘ by Poet deVine and the lovely painting © by Vera Komnig. Visit her gallery for more beautiful paintings. 

Open My Soul

Don’t just open my eyes,
open my soul!
Join your heart to mine
to make me whole.

Give me a world
I’ve never been shown,
show me the places
I’ve never known.

Teach me to see through your eyes.
Take me to heaven through your sighs.

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